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Organizational solutions

Business expertise

We take advantage of theoretical and practical knowledge of our experts to provide unique
solutions to our Clients.

Our competences:

  • Analysis of processes in organizations, identification of bottlenecks and weak points.
  • Improving efficiency and effectiveness of organization.
  • Architecture and business models of organizations.
  • Implementation of management systems.
  • Modelling and optimization  of supply- chain management.
  • Implementation of solutions reducing environmental loading.
  • Implementation of methods and quality management systems (IRIS, SMS, KAIZEN, 5S).
  • Modelling and implementation of KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) systems.
  • Modelling and simulation of organizational throughput
  • Value stream mapping
  • Analysis of organizational culture and its transformation.
  • Training related to implemented changes.
  • Psychometric research and tests (iP121) of staff including the evaluation and conclusions.

Project management

We manage own projects and Client’s projects basing on knowledge and experience from
internal and international projects. We use the best practices in project management field.

Our services:

  • Implementation of project management methods.
  • Organization of ventures.
  • Managing projects for and on behalf of Clients.
  • Carrying out R&D or investment projects.
  • Providing trainings and workshops in project management.

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