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KAIZEN is a management philosophy originating from Japan. It has been a long term practice in companies like Toyota, Honda or Sony. Masaaki Imai is considered as a guru and master
of this philosophy. Its aim is to continuously improve the place of work, work flow and everyday life. The basis of this system is being conscious of existence of waste around us. It is this waste that hinders creation of value, for which our client is ready to pay.
Noticing all, that does not bring any value, removing such and not allowing to reappear again, generates enormous possibilities of economizing and is an engine of permanent

The fundamental elements of KAIZEN are:

  • consequent elimination of Muda- waste
  • 5S methodology
  • standards.

The most advanced tools of KAIZEN are:

TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)
TFM (Total Flow Management)
TSM (Total service Management – KAIZEN in office)
Tools above share the same, enormous advantage: their low-cost.
In addition they are reasonable – every employee,  even at the lowest-level of organizational structure, can learn to use these instruments.

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