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R&D projects, technical and legal analysis

  • Feasibility study and development of innovative system increasing safety on non-guarded level crossings (Dysonapp, cat. D,E,F).
  • Analysis and development strategies of new products and systems related to rail transport and infrastructure.
  • Technical and legal analysis related to rail transport and infrastructure.
  • Railway systems – technical barriers.
  • Comparison analysis of technical solutions on railways in Europe.
  • Analysis of cross-acceptance of products in European market including legislation related to certification and cross-acceptance of products and systems, cases of  Denmark, Sweden, Germany Italy, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Great Britain, Poland, Czech Republic and Croatia.
  • Feasibility study and development of low-cost traffic management solutions for low-density railway lines.
  • Feasibility studies related to takeover of closed railway lines by local administrations (voivodships) in Poland.
  • Geotechnical analysis and analytical works for feasibility studies of newly built railway.
  • Elaboration and implementation of IT system for management of railway manufacturer’s technology.
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